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Architectural Services

Residential architecture offers a unique opportunity for a family or individual to realize their dream of a “home”. Our firm recognizes the importance this process. Thoughtful consideration is taken from conception of design to completion of construction to ensure that your house becomes the home you’ve always dreamed of.

Commercial & Retail Design

Commercial development provides an exciting opportunity to enhance a communities appeal. Good commercial design encourages customers and clients to gravitate to a space. Office space should be inspiring, focused and productive while retail design’s primary focus should be inviting and captivating. Rich Conneen Architects has enjoyed executing both commercial and retail design projects throughout southeast Alaska. Our projects range in size from 90 room hotels to high-end, prosperous retail stores to office park planning and design.

Restaurant Design

We believe a dining experience is not only about the taste of food; it should be pleasing to all the sense. Rich Conneen has had the great pleasure of working with restaurateurs and building owners throughout southeast Alaska. Our firm strives to ensure the restaurant design reflects the desires of the owner/s and is symbiotic in it’s relation to the overall concept and branding of the business.

Church Design

Rich Conneen is proud to come from a long line of church builders. From Ireland to the eastern seaboard of the United States and now in Alaska, Conneens have been designing and constructing churches for over 100 years! Design of sacred spaces should be reverent and should provide ample opportunity for contemplative prayer as well as space in which a community of followers can celebrate.

Interior Design

Each space is unique and requires thoughtful consideration. Getting to know our clients personally and working closely with them is of primary importance when developing an interior design that accurately reflects their needs, personalities and goals for the space.

No project is too big or too small, so give Rich Conneen Architects a call today for more information!

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